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Chinese Language Program

The Chinese Language Program of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications aims to cultivate outstanding Chinese language professionals with high level of Chinese language, basic knowledge and skills of computer science and network new media, practical turn of mind, cross-cultural communication competence, a global perspective and interdisciplinary background. We draw on the expertise of communications and information technology offered by our university to integrate the technology into Chinese language teaching and learning.

Our program offers compulsory and optional courses as well as practical workshops. Students are given systematic and thorough training in basic skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing and advanced instruction in Intensive Reading in Chinese, Advanced Spoken Chinese, Chinese Audio-visual and Speaking, Modern Chinese, Chinese Reading and Writing, Intercultural Communication, Overview of China, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Tea Art, Network and New Media, Academic Communication, Creation and Performance of Micro Video Production, Broadcasting and Recitation etc. Optional courses range from Newspaper Online Reading, Chinese News Listening, Business Chinese, Chinese for Science and Technology, Classical Chinese, Foundations of Computer Science, Fundamentals in Web Page Design, Classical Literature for Recitation, Chinese Traditional Music, Chinese Martial Arts, Selected Readings of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature, Outline of Chinese culture, Basis of Ancient Chinese characters etc.

Our program seeks to equip our students with an in-depth understanding of China, Chinese tradition & culture, and communicative competence in cross-cultural exchange. Accordingly, our graduates are qualified to work in enterprises, institutions, social groups, transnational corporations and embassies and consulates etc., both at home and abroad.

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